Windows Update with DSC

Funny thing with the DSC resource kits, provided by Microsoft.   There isn’t a resource to configure Automatic Updates on a machine.   There’s an update resource there, but it’s simply to check for and to install a single update.    Time to write my own!

I went onto one of my machines on the domain, that is configured via GPO to check for updates from my WSUS server.   I exported the registry key located under HKLM:\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate, and decided that all I needed to do was create a resource to check for and to set these options.

I got the base Get, Set, and Test options configured pretty easily, but the problem is now that even with these registry settings in place, my test machine won’t check for the updates.   Weird.   More to come.

Moneyball with Microsoft

Just got back from the best “geek event” of my career.   Went to Redmond to meet with the Microsoft Windows team as a representative of “DevOps”.    It was like a focus group where we were asked what we wanted, things we struggled with, and so on, and they committed to working on it.   It was amazing.

Met some awesome people from both the Microsoft team and the customer group.   The group was like a cross section of the market, with some guys working in small companies, some in large, and from all kinds of markets.    One guy from Rackspace probably spins up more systems in a week than I will in my career, yet there were other guys there who worked in environments like mine.

I hope the follow ups go as we’ve discussed and that I can keep in touch with this crowd.   They all had great stories and seemed to be on the bleeding edge.   Guess I’m in good company.   🙂

Ready to Run

It’s been a few weeks, well, months, since I really have trained for a running race.   My last actual race was the Thanksgiving Day race in Cincinnati last year.   That’s hard to believe… not even a 5k since then.

I’ve still been running, mind you, but only really 2-3 times a week and not very hard.   Today is the start of my new training chapter.   I drove up to the Highlands track and did 8x400s after a warmup and a had a short cooldown afterward.   Felt great.   I’m finally back and hopefully everything goes well for a fall race.

Marathon or half marathon for the fall?   I don’t know.   How about just training for the Hudepohl 14k to try to get a PR?   Maybe.   It all depends on how things go….it’s a long summer.

Back in Waterloo

Back in Waterloo for the 2015 edition of the Trek 100.   Going for 100 miles this year on the Domane tomorrow, so this should be a fun experience.   Right now, though, it’s a normal day at work, but I’m at the new Ascend office.   Nice place, as far as big rooms with cubes in it is concerned.

Expect more news tomorrow after my big ride.   Lots of food and beverages, plus I’m riding with Jens Voigt.   Well, not really….he’s going to be here for it and I’m sure the poor chumps in the front pack are going to be suffering.   🙂