DevOps – A “Revolution”? (Really??)

I ventured to a MeetUp with several other DevOps nerds last night.   Since it was one of our first MeetUps, the topic was “What is DevOps?” and was run by a couple of guys from Chef.   Basically, their story was that DevOps is a “cultural revolution in IT.”

Come on guys….let’s be real here.   This isn’t some cultural revolution.   We’re just IT guys who happen to actually work together and not really fuss about it that much.   We have the same tools and the same basic technologies we’ve always had.   The only difference is that instead of being part of an Infrastructure team OR a Development team, someone realized that it should be one person doing the work in the middle.   Infrastructure people should be thrilled that they finally get a seat at the development table, and developers should be thrilled that they finally get a seat with the infrastructure people.

It’s just work without the silos.   There’s nothing cultural or revolutionary about it.   Stop trying to think you’re more than you are.


I had no idea we were so dependent upon FTP anymore.   I’m running 3 FTP servers: one for production use, one for our staging, and one for our devs to have a way to upload/download to our Azure environment without having to go to blob storage.   That’s all fine and good, but each of these runs multiple protocols (ftps, ftp, etc.) on different ports, for different user accounts.

This week I had 2 of them poop out on me.   The first was the one for the devs to use for what I call “transient files”.   They upload there and use them throughout the environment off of a file share on the same directory.   Darn thing quit working, so I had to fix it, and in the process, I went ahead and enabled AD integration to make it right.

Then the second outage came along.   This was more nefarious and was the production server, which our dealers all use to get updates to our software.   Something happened and it just went kaput.   The SSL cert on it expired a month before, so I don’t know how we didn’t hear of it then, but things must have continued to work until last night, when something happened to kill the whole thing.   Working with the devs at CrushFTP (the makers of our FTP server app), we were able to get the server at least up again with the expired cert.   The problem remains, though, that I don’t have the PFX file for the new cert, or the password for it.  Our users still are probably erroring out because of the expired cert, but at least FTP is running.

In between, there was a 3rd issue with the staging server, but that turned out to just be a miscommunication from folks.  I haven’t messed with FTP for several years until the last couple of weeks.   I hope it works for good once I get the new SSL cert on the production site.

Back to work

Ignite 2015 is over and it’s time to get back to work.   From the conference, as with any conference or show I attend, I’ve come home with a pretty decent list of to-dos.   This time my list is mostly Azure stuff.   Look into creating a billing report for VMs, fix some runbooks, do some performance testing with SQL Server on different types of Azure VMs, etc.

Ignite was fun, but I’m not sure it was as awe-inspiring as it was for me two years ago.   I feel like the sessions weren’t as technical and they really didn’t have as much big news to share.   Everyone basically knows that Microsoft wants everyone to use Azure or Office 365.  Everyone knows they think mobile technologies are critical.   Everyone knows they want admins to use PowerShell for everything.

I think I learned more from the expo hall than from the sessions, which is unusual.   My normal experience has been getting pushed a bunch of sales pitches from booth babes and old men.   This year had quite a bit of that, but there was a pretty wide range of vendors in attendance.   I REALLY enjoyed the little Hadoop 101 provided by HortonWorks.   That’s one technology that I want to just do.   The Microsoft booths were all very informative, though crowded.   I went to the Azure AD stand 3 times to ask a simple question and each time it was packed with people.   I guess folks are really interested in that, while the RMS booth next to it had no one visiting.

Overall, I’ll go again, and probably next year even.   I do want to hit ChefConf next year, so I’m figuring Ignite may be out, but we’ll see.

Almost time!

Leaving tomorrow for my Chicago trip for MS Ignite.   Can’t wait to see what Microsoft has in store for us this year.   I have a very full schedule of seminars, plus there’s always the vendor floor with all the booths and sales stuff.

A few things I want to see:

1.  Disaster recovery for Azure Iaas systems.

2.  The new Nano Server.

3.  What’s coming up with Azure.

4.  Chef fun.

Should be a good way to geek out.