Running in the Cloud

I’m starting myself a little public blog.   I’ve been doing some blogging on my company’s (Trek Bicycle) internal blog system for about a year and, while I don’t have many people reading it, it’s been nice to go back and refer to some of my posts down the road.

The goal of this public blog is to replace my one in the office, so I’ll be posting little technical tidbits I find along the way.   On top of that, since it’s personal, I’ll be jotting down some things here and there about my family and my own escapades with marathon training.

Will anyone care enough to read?   I dunno, and I really am not worried about it.  This is mostly about just having a log to go back to in 6 months, 1 year, or however long, when I know I did something but don’t remember the details.


2 thoughts on “Running in the Cloud”

  1. I just found your blog from your LinkedIn post. I enjoyed reading through all your entries. I heard you moved to the ascend team. Hopefully everything is going well


    1. Am I just getting back to you on this? Sorry about that man! Yeah, I moved to Ascend about 15 months ago. It’s been great. Working from home, working on new stuff in the cloud all the time. It’s been fun.

      How’s stuff going for you??

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